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CARF Accredited


Mission Statement

Quest provides support services for persons with special needs to promote inclusion, maximize independence and improve quality of life.

Corporate Values

Quest’s values center around our commitment to persons with special challenges living and working in the community with the least restrictive homes and work places. We subscribe to the four principles of a self-determining life; freedom, authority, support and responsibility. Inherent in these principles is the philosophy that people who determine their own lives are more highly regarded in the community. Their willingness to take risks, assume responsibility and advocate for themselves increases their value to society. Because they are more involved in their communities they build and retain a large variety of relationships which confirms their individuality.

Needed supports and the way they are delivered are expressed through the person centered planning process. This tool establishes the role a person will play in their own life and the life of their community. It defines what they want from life and acts as a guideline for others participating in their life. As life is an evolution, the PCP is an ever changing document that flows with the individual. Changes are expected and made anytime the person requests it.

Gentle Teaching

A Gentle Teaching philosophy is adhered to by Quest employees. All people are seen as individuals worthy of respect, caring and love. By following this philosophy and example within the daily environment, people receiving services and those delivering the services feel safe, secure and better able to participate in the life around them. The ability to share a loving spirit contributes to people becoming engaged with their family and friends.

Quest teaches each employee to explore ways of developing a friendship with each person served. This friendship or relationship is essential to provide warmth, and the feeling of unconditional love to the persons we serve. This comes from listening, doing activities together, and assisting the person served with achieving their dreams.

Community Integration

Quest strives to assist each person served in achieving a life that meets their dreams and goals. Community integration is a primary focus through the use of community homes, community skill building opportunities, and self determination. Contacts with family and friends is of the highest priority, this is encouraged through visits, phone calls, letter writing and an open door policy.


Quest, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non profit tax exempt organization.


CARF accreditation


Quest has been providing services to persons with developmental disabilities for over thirty five years. Our service history includes persons of all backgrounds, and secondary disabilities, i.e., medical needs, epilepsy, autism, social emotional challenges. Quest provides residential services in licensed, unlicensed, and settings where persons receiving supports have fully self directed budgets. Quest has CARF Accreditation. Quest is dedicated to a philosophy of choice & independence. Quest implements continuous Quality Improvement measures, home and service monitoring. Quest encourages all prospective persons served and their family members to speak with persons and their representatives currently receiving services from us.

Quest, Inc. was founded October 1, 2000 with the merger of three non profit organizations; Alleson Homes, Holistic Environmental Services and Human Services, Inc. Expanded again with a merger with two more non profit organizations; Today’s Living Concepts/ Community Work Opportunities on place April 1, 2002. The overall purpose of Quest is the quality delivery of community residential and vocational services to persons with special needs.

Quest had its beginnings in small non profit organizations whose primary goal was to allow persons to live in the community coming from State Institutions. Now that all the State Institutions are closed most new persons seeking supports come from natural home settings or other provider agencies. A small amount of persons seeking supports come from nursing homes too. Persons Served were originally placed in five or six bed licensed settings. Currently, local contract agencies are closing six bed and or licensed homes, in favor of one, two or three bed homes that are not licensed. In vocational settings persons receiving services were originally in large segregated centers, and now persons served are in supported employment, enclaves, run micro-businesses and volunteer activities in the community, as well as attend vocational centers.

Quest has a Corporate Compliance Plan and Committee, which address Regulatory, Quality Improvement, Safety, and Risk Management needs.

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