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About Quest


Quest Inc. provides support services for persons with special needs to promote inclusion, maximize independence, and improve quality of life. Your loved one is our highest priority and our well-trained and credentialed staff is passionate about safety and care for fragile and disabled persons.

Service Area

Our geographic range of service is Southeastern Michigan.

Service Description

Quest provides a full array of services to persons with developmental disabilities or special needs. These services are residential and vocational in nature.

Residential settings are in licensed group homes, extended homes, supported independence programs, self-determination settings, and in the customers own home.

Vocational settings include the day program Community Work Opportunities, LLC, (CWO) and several sites for supported employment. CWO provides day program, employment skill building, micro business, occupational therapy and sensory integration services on site. In addition, CWO provides extensive job coaching to persons in several employment sites, e.g., local hotels, service stations, restaurants, landscaping.


A Gentle Teaching philosophy is adhered to by Quest employees. All people are seen as individuals worthy of respect, caring and love. By following this philosophy and example within the daily environment, people receiving services and those delivering the services feel safe, secure and better able to participate in the life around them. The ability to share a loving spirit contributes to people becoming engaged with their family and friends.

During the many years that Quest has been providing services we have assisted consumers in participating in family events such as reunions, weddings, funerals, gatherings, holidays etc. Persons receiving services send cards and gifts and write notes to maintain family ties. Quest has formed an advocacy group called the “Jazzy One’s” which includes social activities as well as letter writing and visits to legislatures and occasional speakers to reinforce health and safety issues etc. Quest sends letters and holds periodic parent/guardian meetings to update families on current community events, resources and legislative issues.

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